Building the future into every product
Craftsmanship and innovation. It's the perfect marriage of these two elements that breathes life into Blu Zac's products and services. The range comprises Temporary, Conical, Y, Tee, Angle Tee, Lateral, Simplex, Duplex, Two-Stage and Special Filters as well as Flame Arrestors, Steam Traps and flexible tubes for special applications. Completing the product offering is an innovative set of services:

  • On-Site Service: a team of assembly experts to intervene directly where necessary.
  • Supervising Package: a team of qualified engineers for guidance and training during assembly and/or mounting (by others) of our filters, and for inspections both on completion of assembly and periodically.
  • Assembly Package: for filters that cannot be transported as a single piece, this includes the Supervising Package plus a team of qualified welders capable of assembling all the individual filter parts and accessories into a single unit, ready for welding to the pipes.

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