Thanks to the founders' 30 years of experience, the company sets a new standard on the international market, with a product range covering not only metalwork fabrication but also the added value of precision machining.
Our mission, based on a tried-and-tested approach, is to create the perfect balance between people, machines and passion. The right people to understand, develop and realize a project, the machines to design and build it and the passion to get satisfaction from what we do and to keep improving, day after day. Everything produced by Blu Zac is based on a ISO 9001-certified quality control system, and every filter is designed, constructed and tested in accordance with ASME, UNI, API and EN regulations.

Tailor-made solutions for any project
Blu Zac's objective is to fill the gap that often opens up between producers and their clients. We do this by meeting every client to understand their effective requirements and by working side-by-side to research the best solutions at the most competitive price. All this takes experience and know-how, specialist technicians and the best, most sophisticated calculation and analysis software available. From the design phase through to on-site support, our professional engineering capabilities allow us to create tangible solutions to even the most complex challenges.
Every project is analyzed with extreme attention to detail and absolute flexibility, and every product, whether standard or custom-built, is researched, designed and developed right down to the smallest detail.